MSCP Products - Adhere, bond and cure underwater, Provide immediate repair and protection, and Are 100% environmentally.


MSCP Aqua Guard products are specially formulated sealants and adhesives for use in underwater structural marine and waterworks applications. The liquid applied, single part, environmentally friendly MSC Aqua Guard products are designed for ease of application and cure ability underwater.

A fiber reinforced structural sealant/adhesive developed for the marine environment for use in underwater applications to fill voids and bond dissimilar materials. MSCP Sea Weld is suitable for joining marine material transitions and filling/bonding seams. Sea Weld can be applied to most marine infrastructure surfaces and substrates.

An advanced proprietary technology specifically designed for underwater applications in both fresh and salt water. Underwater Sealant can be used as a flashing or sealant to bridge voids and seal substrate joints and transitions that are in continuous contact with water. MSCP Underwater Sealant is approved for drinking water application use.